Making memories at the end of the world


The water off the pacific ocean sent up a chilly wind, but California was still welcoming. Big Sur was no different, where an expanse of sky and water seemed to swallow up memory.

And when the fog’s over and the stars and the moon come out at night it’ll be a beautiful sight.
— Jack Kerouac, Big Sur

Big Sur

Surfers on the shore at Land's End

Telescopes overlooking the water at Land's End

There were also some goofy travel companions, some goofier than others.

But travel companions all.

Leaving the cave at Land's End.

Recreating an old photo.

Reina messing up a perfectly good photo.

The island prison of Alcatraz seemed to hold a memory of a darker time. And Ai Wei Wei's exhibition, @Large, was a poignant reminder that that time isn't too far behind us (and that prisoners of conscience still suffer today).

Back on the streets of San Francisco, I spotted a classic Toronto streetcar, and some couple that was acting all lovey-dovey (almost like they just got married or something). And there was also this really big bridge.

Far from home: a TTC streetcar near Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco

Some bridge in San Francisco

I also saw the Painted Ladies, of Full House intro fame...

...and there were a few unforgettable sunsets.

The ever-present sunset photo.

There was also a condensed version of the great American roadtrip...

...punctuated by lights in the sky.

Until the next adventure, you buffoons.

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